Zenith Bank Personal Loan (Education)

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Zenith Bank

Personal (Education)

This is a sort of that clients of can obtain in order to fulfil their responsibilities, which may include paying for the school fees of their children, the rent on their homes, and other essential expenses. This sort of can also be utilised to accomplish personal desires, such as paying for a trip, travel fees, a honeymoon, or other personal necessities.”

Requirements for loan

  1. Three (3) months stamped statement of account
  2. Two Individual external guarantors with proper means of identification such as , four (4) passport photographs, Identity Cards and Letter of Intent to guarantee the loan.
  3. Bank Verification Number ()
  4. Signed post-dated checks
  5. Utility bill (within the preceding 3 months)
  6. Valid ID: driver's ID, national ID, or international passport.

About provider

The Zenith brand has been linked with the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the banking industry, and the bank is undeniably a pioneer in the different channels of banking technology that have been implemented. The Bank has integrated foresight, proficient banking knowledge, and state-of-the-art technology to develop products and services that anticipate and fulfil customer expectations, facilitate prosperity and wealth accumulation for customers, and are guided by a culture of excellence and unwavering commitment to global best practices.



87 Ajose Adeogun St, Victoria Island, Lagos


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