9 Easy Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria As A Student

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Ways To Make Money Online
Ways To Make Online

9 Easy Ways To Make Online In Nigeria As A Student

A university education is often like having an all-day job; however, it takes your away rather than paying you. You'll find that fighting sapa when you're studying in Nigeria is the most stressful thing compared to the normal whala that is university living. Therefore, we completely understand why you're thinking about how you can earn income on the internet in Nigeria while a student.

Earn income online as a college student by offering material and copywriting assistance or translation, a blog, and online tutoring. There are other options to consider, such as material production or data entry, social media marketing, influencer marketing, or administration.

The remainder of this post explores the intricacies of earning cash online as a student in Nigeria, no matter if you are looking to market your current knowledge or learn new revenue-generating ones.

Making cash online in Nigeria as a student 9 ways to make money online.

Making money online from Nigeria while a student: 9 simple ways

1. Copywriting and Content Writing

The technical aspects of material creation and copywriting may be distinct ventures. They require, however, the same set of abilities—that is, the ability to produce and modify written material.

A material writer is focused on creating entertaining and educational material (like blog articles scripts, articles and whitepapers) A copywriter develops short-form marketing material that convinces the audience to make a particular decision.

It is possible to earn money through material creation and copywriting for companies, individuals, websites, and NGOs. The actual amount depends on your expertise level, your portfolio, and the clientele you have.

Copywriting and material writing are easy to begin, regardless of whether you're new to the field or have no prior experience. You can begin monetizing your knowledge by having access to a laptop, smartphone and internet connectivity.

2. Online tutoring

Making cash online in Nigeria by being a studentOnline tutoring

It's not for everyone; however, you could earn enough money as a Nigerian student who has internet access and an aptitude for teaching. Although it's certainly not an essential requirement, having a strong academic background could be beneficial.

A tutor online is the same as a regular tutor: you impart knowledge to others and earn money for it. Online tutors make use of platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet to engage with students instead of a chalkboard and a marker.

They can be students anywhere in the world, including those in the United States, so you are able to earn money in virtually every currency if you have the right customers. Thanks to the convenience of tutoring online, students from Nigeria are able to fit their work within a strict university calendar.

It is possible to teach secondary and primary school students, and even college students, in the comfort of your home or at a hostel.

3. Services for translation

Translating services may not be lucrative at first, but it's an incredibly profitable choice for those seeking a simple option to earn money while an undergraduate. Thanks to the Internet and programs such as Google Translate and ChatGPT, you can easily start without any formal education or previous knowledge of the foreign language.

The majority of people require translation services for lengthy material (like blog posts and articles). You can get a good amount when you're skilled. All you require is an internet connection and a smartphone. But you may also need to boost your reading abilities in order to ensure that your work is of high quality.

4. Blogging

Blogging has been an integral element of the web for approximately as long as the World Wide Web has existed. It's a breeze to start and is quite lucrative for businesses in Nigeria.

Simply put, blogging involves creating material (usually composed) to be shared with an audience through an online self-publishing service. Simply put, you compose material on a site you control and earn direct, often continuous, revenue from the website.

Bloggers today can earn profits from ads, sponsorships, and partner programmes. Indeed, establishing and making money from a blog has become far easier than it was years ago, thanks to platforms for blogging like Medium and Substack.

You'll require excellent writing knowledge for your blog's popularity. Also, you may want to select the appropriate subject matter for your knowledge and experience.

5. Creation of content

Earn money online in Nigeria while a student creates content.

The creation of material has evolved from being a fun pastime to an enjoyable way for everyone to earn income in Nigeria. People like The Igbo Wolf use online platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and even TikTok to profit from fun and informative images.

How does it function?

The idea behind material production is fairly simple. The first step is to make something interesting, humorous, inspiring, or bizarre. The material generally consists of video but could also include animations or photos.

After that, you share your content online, generally via your social media accounts or your site. Then, you earn profits from your uploaded material.

This is similar to blogging, but with videos. Thus, you can make money from your material, similar to a blog, through partnerships, sponsorships, and other programs.

6. Data entry

Data entry jobs require you to input data, modify, or add information from databases on the internet at a modest cost. Data entry jobs are another way to earn cash online while a student and require only being able to comprehend the way spreadsheets and computer systems function.

A few data entry jobs do not require you to work with a database. Instead, you respond to surveys and give feedback on items or services.

Like every other position mentioned in this post, the data entry positions can be done remotely, which allows Nigerian students to collaborate with any organization at any time.

7. Virtual assistant jobs

Virtual assistants can be described as what you imagine: remote employees who provide the services of an administrative assistant to customers. When you're a virtual assistant, you'll have to perform tasks such as responding to emails, making telephone calls, and managing the schedule of your client.

Once you've mastered the nuances of the process, you'll be able to work alongside academics. However, you may require some training in order to be a successful virtual assistant. You can, in fact, take several online classes to get up and running.

8. Management of Social Media

Management of social media is one of the jobs that weren't available until recently, with the advent of social media sites like Instagram as well as X (formerly Twitter). It's therefore a position that is perfect for technologically adept Gen Z university students looking to make a living online.

As a social media administrator for a , you'll manage its or an individual's Facebook pages. The social media manager is responsible for managing public comments and handling duties such as uploading material to the pages.

Certain social media management positions involve more than just posting material and responding to comments. Certain clients may choose to employ you to execute your social media material plan, which typically includes analysing data about engagement as well as designing online advertising campaign strategies.

However, this is a job you can perform at your convenience in your hostel at the university with the benefit of your phone and an internet connection.

9. Influencer marketing on social media

Earn cash online in Nigeria as a university studentMarketing via social media

Contrary to what people think that they are not, follower numbers and engagement numbers for social media can be impressive. Actually, they could grant the perfect opportunity to earn a living on the internet through Nigeria while you are a student.

As an influencer on social media, you'll be able to convince your viewers to purchase something or to take action, typically in collaboration with a brand or two.

It's an easy way to earn money from staying online 24/7, and it can also grant you the status of a social media star if you're doing it correctly.

There is no need for millions of fans to earn income as an influencer. Certain brands collaborate with accounts that are smaller (micro-influencers) in order to actually achieve similar results, but at a lower cost.


If you've come to this page thinking about how you can earn income online in Nigeria as a student, we'd like to see you leave with the knowledge that, although it may seem difficult, it's not difficult. Actually, the jobs mentioned in this post only require an internet connection and the appropriate abilities to get the job accomplished. While it may require some time and energy to find your first client, freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork are able to benefit in the beginning.

However, making money is just one aspect of the equation. Also, you should incorporate sound budgeting habits, such as saving money and making investments with PiggyVest, to ensure that you get the most from your earnings.


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