How to Open JAIZ Bank Account Without BVN

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Jaiz Bank

How to Open a Account Without a

Do you want to know the procedure to create an account with a account without a VBN (Bank Verification Number)? If so, you've come to the right place!

JAIZ Bank is a trusted financial institution offering a variety of bank services to its customers.

The Bank Verification Number (), an identification method based on biometrics introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in 2000, is among the most important requirements to open accounts with banks in Nigeria.

Some people might think it's impossible to establish a JAIZ Bank account without a or otherwise.

In this post, we'll go over the methods and alternatives to opening a JAIZ Bank account without a BVN. Stay with me and follow along!

Importance of BVN (Bank Verification Number)

The BVN is a unique identification code that connects to biometric information about an individual, like fingerprints or facial characteristics. It is an authentication measure that can verify the identity of bank clients and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Although the BVN is an absolute requirement for the majority of banking transactions in Nigeria, there are alternative options and exceptions for customers who do not have BVNs.

The requirements for opening a JAIZ Bank account Without BVN

In order to open a JAIZ Bank account without a BVN, you'll have to meet certain requirements and adhere to a series of guidelines. The following is what you'll usually need:

  1. It is necessary to have a valid form of identity, like the National Identity Card, International Passport, or Driver's License. These forms of identification help verify your identity even when you don't have the BVN.
  2. Evidence of Address: Provide a utility bill, tenancy contract, or other official document that provides proof of your residence address. It is the standard procedure to open a bank account.
  3. Recent Passport Photograph

Let's proceed to the method by which you can get a JAIZ Bank account without BVN.

How to Open JAIZ Bank Account Without BVN

When you've got all the documents and signed the form to open your account, follow these steps for opening a JAIZ Bank account without a VBN:

The code needed to open a JAIZ Bank account without a BVN is *773#.

  1. Install the Call app for your phone
  2. Dial *773#
  3. Select the choice that states without BVN.
  4. Use the screen to guide you and ensure that you complete all required fields.
  5. When you're done after that, you will receive your JAIZ Bank Account Number, which will be sent to your mobile as a text message.

Limitations of an Account Without BVN

It is important to remember that a new account without an BVN could be subject to certain restrictions:

  1. Limitations on Transactions: Accounts without BVNs might have fewer transaction limits when compared with BVN-linked accounts. You could face limits on the amount you are able to withdraw or transfer.
  2. Limited services: Certain banking products and features aren't available to customers who do not have BVNs. As an example, you might not be able to use the internet banking system or utilize applications for mobile banking.
  3. BVN Requirements to be complied with In the future: Banks in Nigeria have been progressively imposing BVN conditions for various types of transactions. Even though you are able to start a bank account without having a BVN, you could face limits when it comes to higher-end banking services or transactions.

Obtaining a BVN Later

When you open your first JAIZ Bank account without a BVN and then decide later to apply for one, you are able to go to the designated BVN registration center to finish the process of registration (e.g., bank).

When you've obtained an BVN, you can connect it with your current JAIZ Bank account to access more features and eliminate some restrictions.

How to Open JAIZ Bank Account Without BVN: FAQs

What are the conditions for opening a JAIZ banking account?

Documents to prove identity for every signature, e.g., an international passport, a national ID card, a national driver license, etc. Original documents are required to be sighted. The utility bill must be in its original form and have been made within the last 3 months. The originals are required to be viewed.

How do I create a JAIZ account on the internet?

You can indeed open a JAIZ Bank account online. The only thing you'll need to do is visit the JAIZ bank's website for online baking.

How can I open a bank account at Jaiz with USD?

  1. Enter the number * 773*0# from your phone.
  2. Input your BVN if you own one.
  3. Fill in the details of your own personal information.
  4. After successful verification, Jaiz Bank will send your account's number by SMS.

What is the maximum transfer amount to Jaiz Bank?

The limit of daily transfers will be one hundred fifty thousand Nigerians (N150,000.00). However, you are able to raise the limit to $500,000.00 in the application. Limit increments over 500,000.00 need the bank's acceptance.

Does Jaiz Bank give loans?

Absolutely, JAIZ Bank gives loans. For an application for a Jaiz Bank , you are able to visit any branch near your home.  applications are accepted at every branch across the country.


Even though possessing the BVN is a prerequisite for all bank transactions in Nigeria, it is also possible to create an account at JAIZ Bank without one.

In the event that you satisfy the required conditions by submitting the required documents and following the process of opening your account at JAIZ Bank,.

Remember that accounts with no BVNs might have restrictions in terms of transaction amount and options for services.

When banking procedures change, you should consider the possibility of obtaining the BVN at some point in the near future for access to a wider range of banking benefits and services.

A JAIZ Bank account without a BVN allows people who haven't been issued this number of identification to get started on their bank journey by establishing a trusting bank.

If you have any questions concerning this post, please send us a message in the box or leave a comment below. We will be in touch promptly!


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